Immigration Evaluations

Counseling and immigration evaluations for Asylum or Refugee Claims, U Visa Applications, Adoption and Guardianship Cases, Family Reunification, Mental Health Waivers, and More.

An authentic and honest exploration of feelings through immigration evaluations in New York.

We provide immigration evaluations for…

U Visa

The U visa grants undocumented immigrants, who have suffered from a severe crime, the privilege to reside legally in the United States. Immigration evaluations play a crucial role in assisting U visa applicants to substantiate the psychological and emotional impacts of the crime they have endured.

T Visa

The T visa offers individuals who have been victims of human trafficking the opportunity to reside and seek employment in the United States.

An immigration evaluations aids immigration courts in comprehending the emotional toll human trafficking has inflicted upon the petitioner.


Political asylum is granted to undocumented immigrants compelled to escape their native country due to political persecution.

Mental health immigration evaluations in immigration proceedings assist asylum seekers in presenting compelling evidence of the persecution they faced in their homeland.

Spousal Abuse (VAWA)

This petition enables spouses and children who have suffered from domestic violence to acquire a green card.

A mental health immigration evaluation can aid in documenting the aftermath of the abuse, including conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder and other trauma-related issues.

Extreme Hardship

Immigration evaluations can demonstrate that deportation would result in severe hardship for eligible family members, such as U.S. citizen children.

In cases of Cancellation of Removal, these evaluations can provide essential support for the cancellation order to halt deportation.

And More…

Immigration Evaluations – Steps and FAQ

What is an immigration evaluation?

Immigration evaluations are assessments conducted by licensed clinicians, to explain the mental health state of an individual in an immigration case.

What is the purpose of it?

They are for the purpose of supporting an immigration case.  They can help support an immigration petition, by helping to prove extreme hardship, as well as the mental health challenges that can occur absent of immigration.

What is the cost?

Immigration Evaluations can cost anywhere from $750-$1000 depending on the time needed to complete the evaluation. Additional costs are for rush cases which are an additional $150 – $200.

Does insurance cover my immigration evaluation?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover the evaluation. Engaging insurance establishes a connection between patient and provider, potentially compromising the impartiality required for an evaluation, which may inadvertently undermine your case.

What are rush cases?

Any case that is requested for completion within 1 week or less is considered a rush case. You must make request for a rush case.

What is the process?

Typically evaluations are two sessions, each being two hours in length. The after the second session it will be 1-2 weeks for a draft to be completed. You and any party you wish will be able to review the draft to assess accuracy in the information. After this the final version will be sent to you. There are no additional costs for revisions.

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immigration evaluations

immigration evaluations

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