Let’s face it, friendships are the sunshine in our lives. They’re the laughter echoing through late-night talks, the shoulder to cry on during tough times, and the unwavering belief in you when you doubt yourself. 

But like any incredible garden overflowing with vibrant blooms, friendships need a little TLC to flourish. 

So, grab your metaphorical watering can, because we’re diving deep into building and maintaining those epic connections, plus exploring how therapy can be a surprising ally in this quest.

1. Is it weird to put effort into friendships?

Absolutely not! Think about it this way: would you expect a rose bush to erupt in stunning blooms if you never watered it, gave it sunlight, or protected it from pests? 

Of course not.

Friendships are a two-way street that thrives on intentional effort. This doesn’t have to be grand gestures or crazy adventures (although those are fun too!). It can be as simple as scheduling regular catch-ups, whether it’s a weekly coffee date or a monthly movie night. A quick text to check in and see how their day is going shows you care. 

Remember, even the smallest gestures can blossom into a deeper connection.

2. How do I find people who “click” with me?

This might sound cheesy, but the truth is, the most magical friendships blossom when you embrace your authentic self. 

The right people will appreciate your quirks, your passions, and the unique way you see the world. So ditch the idea of trying to be someone you’re not. Instead, put yourself out there in spaces that resonate with you. 

Join a book club if you’re a literature lover, volunteer for a cause you’re passionate about, or strike up conversations with people you find interesting at the local coffee shop. 

Remember, the people who share your interests and appreciate your true self are the ones who will form the foundation of your incredible friend squad.

3. Ugh, friend drama! How do I navigate conflict?

Let’s be honest, conflict is a part of life, and friendships aren’t immune. The key here is to remember that healthy communication is your secret weapon. 

When disagreements arise, take a deep breath and approach the situation with an open mind and a kind heart. 

This means truly listening to their perspective without interrupting, expressing your own feelings honestly but respectfully, and working together to find a solution that feels fair for both of you.

4. I feel like my friendships are one-sided. What can I do?

Healthy friendships are all about balance, kind of like a perfectly balanced seesaw. If you feel like you’re constantly putting in the effort to make plans, check in, or be there for your friend, it’s okay to have a gentle conversation about it. 

Maybe they’re going through a tough time or haven’t realized the imbalance. 

Approach the conversation from a place of concern and see if there’s a way to create a more reciprocal dynamic.

If things don’t improve after trying to communicate, it might be time to re-evaluate the friendship. 

Remember, you deserve friends who put in just as much effort as you do.

5. Is therapy really helpful for friendships?

Believe it or not, therapy can be a game-changer for your friendships. 

Think of a therapist as your personal cheerleader and confidante when it comes to navigating the complexities of friendships. 

They can equip you with better communication skills, helping you express yourself clearly and listen attentively. They can also be a sounding board for processing complicated friend issues, offering objective advice and helping you develop healthy boundaries. 

So, whether you’re struggling with communication, navigating conflict, or simply want to improve your overall social skills, therapy can be a powerful tool to cultivate fulfilling and lasting friendships.


Strong friendships are like beautiful gardens – they require continuous care and attention. 

But the rewards are immeasurable. So go forth, nurture your friendships, and don’t be afraid to seek help from a therapist if you need it. 

After all, with a little effort and the right tools, your friendships can blossom into a lifelong source of love, support, and joy.

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